GoGCast 138: interview with Samantha Blackmon of Not Your Mama’s Gamer

November 27, 2017

This week, we sit down with Samantha Blackmon. Samantha is an associate professor at Purdue University and co-founder of Not Your Mama’s Gamer, a blog and podcast that looks at gaming and other bits of pop culture through a scholarly lens and a via feminist perspective. She shares with us resources for gamers who want to start looking at games and game design more critically, how video games tie in with her work at Purdue, what she thinks for the video game landscape of 2017, what she thinks we can expect for 2018, her GOTY and more.

This week in news: Leah and Cat attended the first edition of MEGA, a new Bloodborne boss was discovered 3 years after the game's release, Bungie re-thinks the Destiny 2 XP systems and a new ARK expansion is coming and it’s called Aberration.


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